Extreme Baking part 2

Today we went in again with the baking.

Carrot cake cupcakes
Chocolate honeycomb biscuits
Chocolate chip biscuits

We shall eat all three trays of sweetness while watching X Factor tonight. Yum yum



Today was a good day!

I have had a productive day today. It has been one of my ideal days. My to do list is very difficult to prioritise because everything is a priority but today I did it all!

  • postage and packing and customer queries for T. Jays
  • messy play with munchkins
  • cleaned
  • cooked (beef and feta cheese burgers with homemade chips)
  • two loads of washing
  • redesigned some wedding garters (yes needle, thread, beads and bows) and listed the on eBay
  • ooh and written this blog post

And the day is not over. I have a web conference at 8pm and still need to take the munchkins hair out, trim it and put it into donkey plaits to sleep in. And let’s not forget Big Brother.

Feeling pretty sweet with myself right now 🙂


Toys and play for Children

I try to buy toys for the munchkins every month. Toys do not seem to last long. They play with them for a few days to a week and then the novelty has worn. For this reason I do two things:

  • rotate toys – put them away after a few months and bring out other toys that have been put away for a few months. When you bring out the old toys they are like new again (“yay – legoooooo”).
  • buy from the pound shop – really entertaining toys for £1. Can not go wrong!

Hubby normally buys the big toys at Christmas from Early Learning Centre or Toys R Us (we do not share the same attitude to money!). I have bought them a handful of expensive/big toys. A few months ago they received a Kindle to share (yeah right!). They just got an indoor trampoline and today received a gym ball, which is what inspired this post. 20130814-172328.jpg

The indoor trampoline and gym ball were both recommended to help with their physical development. They are also great fun for the kids! I never really understood the importance of play for a child’s development until recently. You can find toys that:

  • help strengthen core muscles and motor skills
  • encourage turn taking
  • help teach colours, numbers and shapes
  • help with sensory processing and more…

These toys do not need to be expensive and may even be everyday objects in the house. For example, a bowl of soapy water with spoons, cups and empty bottles can help a child with their hand eye coordination as they poor water from bottle to bottle. As they splash, they explore their sense of touch.

When looking for the gym ball, I came across a great website www.cheapdisabilityaids.co.uk. They featured the exact ball that I wanted and it was only £7.99. They also had a large selection of sensory toys for really cheap prices. Yesterday, I ended up spending £20+ (a lot for me)!

I will definately be visiting this site again as I was really impressed with their range and prices.

Freshly relaxed hair – yay


I love the feeling of freshly relaxed hair!

I relaxed my hair this morning as I trimmed it just over a week ago and my regrowth thickened and grew with a vengeance.

I have really neglected my hair over the last week or so. I wasn’t regularly moisturising it and being too lazy to wrap it at night. The result? It was dry and unruly. I looked like the woman with all the cats on The Simpsons. Ye, I hate that look.

So I decided to relax my hair and to stop neglecting it. Before I had kids, my hair was on point 95% of the time. Now it’s more like 5%!

Anyhoo, my last relax was 5-6 weeks ago. I try to stretch it out but really couldn’t deal with it this time round!

I relaxed using Optimum and used its reconstructor conditioner and leave in conditioner.

Now it’s time to go and wrap it!