Toys and play for Children

I try to buy toys for the munchkins every month. Toys do not seem to last long. They play with them for a few days to a week and then the novelty has worn. For this reason I do two things:

  • rotate toys – put them away after a few months and bring out other toys that have been put away for a few months. When you bring out the old toys they are like new again (“yay – legoooooo”).
  • buy from the pound shop – really entertaining toys for £1. Can not go wrong!

Hubby normally buys the big toys at Christmas from Early Learning Centre or Toys R Us (we do not share the same attitude to money!). I have bought them a handful of expensive/big toys. A few months ago they received a Kindle to share (yeah right!). They just got an indoor trampoline and today received a gym ball, which is what inspired this post. 20130814-172328.jpg

The indoor trampoline and gym ball were both recommended to help with their physical development. They are also great fun for the kids! I never really understood the importance of play for a child’s development until recently. You can find toys that:

  • help strengthen core muscles and motor skills
  • encourage turn taking
  • help teach colours, numbers and shapes
  • help with sensory processing and more…

These toys do not need to be expensive and may even be everyday objects in the house. For example, a bowl of soapy water with spoons, cups and empty bottles can help a child with their hand eye coordination as they poor water from bottle to bottle. As they splash, they explore their sense of touch.

When looking for the gym ball, I came across a great website They featured the exact ball that I wanted and it was only £7.99. They also had a large selection of sensory toys for really cheap prices. Yesterday, I ended up spending £20+ (a lot for me)!

I will definately be visiting this site again as I was really impressed with their range and prices.


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