No more relaxers

So it has been two years since I blogged about my hair. At that time I made a dumb mistake with my relaxer and was seriously annoyed with myself. I have relaxed my hair myself since I was a teenager. I am not keen on hairdressers and generally do everything to my hair myself. However, with relaxing I need to be in the right mood and having children around when you are using harsh chemicals is not ideal. I found myself rushing my relaxers just to get them done and I was not taking the care that I normally do. My hair was still healthy and manageable but I had different textures in places, which was annoying.

After the last rush relaxer I did in October 2014, I ended up ill because I did it late at night and stupidly slept on semi-damp hair! I decided not to do it anymore. I was fed up of waiting for a time that hubby was at home and no one would interrupt me and fed up of not being able to itch my scalp for a few days before. I hate rushing things and not doing them properly so no more relaxers!!



Stretching my relaxer

I had my hair coloured and cut at the beginning of December 2013. I decided to stretch my relaxer (leave it longer before relaxing) to avoid over processing.

My hair is also thinner from the years of chemicals. I have considered going natural but at the moment I do not have time to develop a new hair regime and manage growth. My only issue with the relaxer right now is thinner hair but otherwise my hair feels healthy and is easily manageable so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

I went twelve weeks without relaxing. Did a lot of braid outs and Bantu knots which I absolutely love. When I air dried my hair in four donkey (big) plaits, I thought my hair looked natural and I rocked that look!
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At twelve weeks I made the dumbest mistake and applied relaxer without mixing in the activator. I’ve been relaxing my own hair for over fifteen years and I’ve never made this mistake. I had to wait a further two weeks to relax again and during those two weeks I developed a horrid virus and didn’t look after my hair. It was awful.

Plus, I relaxed while I was still sick as I didn’t want to leave it any longer – scared of breakage from the two different textures. I’ve ended up not relaxing it properly and I’m still left with two different textures. It is still manageable but I’m scared of breakage and fighting an inward battle of whether to relax again in a few weeks or just as normal – arrhghh

Any advice would be welcome or simple finger pointing and calling me dumb will also be accepted lol


Egg Shampoo

This morning was my first morning at home alone without the munchkins. They were both at nursery. I was free! I decided to do very little work and spend more time on me!

I watched the finale of Breaking Bad (will miss you Mr White, you’re a badman) and the Kardashians.

I also decided to wash my hair with an egg shampoo. Thought I would give it ago after reading this blog.

I followed everything Layonie described. I mixed the following in a mug:
3 x egg yolks
1 teaspoon of honey
2 teaspoons of olive oil

I applied to my already wet hair and worked through like any shampoo. I tried to leave on to condition my hair but the mixture just ran through my shower cap so I washed out and used Olive Oil deep conditioner. I left the conditioner on for an hour while I watched my programmes and cleaned up.

FYI – I had to crop my forehead out of this picture as I didn’t want to take up too much of anyone’s screen. I know it’s still big but I’m no magician.


I’m please I tried it and I will probably do it again. I’m trying to stretch out this relaxer so I will be trying new and different ways to manage my hair to see if it helps.

The blog I mentioned earlier is Layonie Jae. It’s a great blog filled with advice on hair and beauty. Check it out here

Freshly relaxed hair – yay


I love the feeling of freshly relaxed hair!

I relaxed my hair this morning as I trimmed it just over a week ago and my regrowth thickened and grew with a vengeance.

I have really neglected my hair over the last week or so. I wasn’t regularly moisturising it and being too lazy to wrap it at night. The result? It was dry and unruly. I looked like the woman with all the cats on The Simpsons. Ye, I hate that look.

So I decided to relax my hair and to stop neglecting it. Before I had kids, my hair was on point 95% of the time. Now it’s more like 5%!

Anyhoo, my last relax was 5-6 weeks ago. I try to stretch it out but really couldn’t deal with it this time round!

I relaxed using Optimum and used its reconstructor conditioner and leave in conditioner.

Now it’s time to go and wrap it!

Hair Ritual

I refer to it as my hair ritual. It has to be followed, although throughout pregnancy and now motherhood I have let it slip on occasion. But as auntie Ceppa says “don’t diss di program or da program a ga diss you”.

I wash my relaxed hair once a week. If I do not wash my hair every week, my scalp gets dry and itchy regardless of how much product I reapply. I like to wash my hair on a Sunday as it normally takes five hours. Yes five hours. It does not have to take five hours but that is what I do. I wash with a variety of shampoos. I do not stick to the same brand but I love Optimum products, so at the moment I am washing with Optimum Conditioning Shampoo.

Optimum Opti Intense Conditioner

I then apply Optimum Opti Intense Conditioner. I have been using it for maybe 15 years now. I swear by it and never use anything else for this stage of the ritual. It is a protein conditioner which some people do not like to use in their hair, but for me it works wonders. I leave the conditioner on and put on a shower cap or plastic bag then I will do some housework for a couple of hours. I then wash it out. The protein conditioner leaves my hair hard like straw so I have to conditioner again to soften my hair. Again, I will use any brand.

I like Le Kair Cholestrol Conditioner but at the moment I am using Tresemme Salon Silk Conditioner which is also good. I have just bought Organics Olive Oil Deep Conditioner to try next. Once this conditioner is on I put the shower cap on for another couple of hours. Before I wash it out I like to have a bath to steam it out even more or I also have a steam cap which I use occasionally. When I wash this conditioner out my hair is lovely and soft, however, I have just started using a leave in conditioner as well. Sounds mad right? I use three conditioners in total and leave them on while I do my housework for hours.

Five Star

I then blow dry and pull the straighteners through. I used to use Top Brass for my dry, itchy scalp but now use Five Star as Top Brass was discontinued. Why do they always discontinue products that work well?????!!! I use either African Pride Hair & Body Oil or Luster’s Pink Moisturiser in my hair depending on what style I am trying to achieve. I trim my own hair every two to three months and wrap at night to go to bed.

The conditioning may seem extreme but this keeps my hair in really good condition. After having the children, I do not have the time to wrap my hair every night like I use to. Admittedly there are days that I do not even comb my hair. But my hair does not break and I am sure it is because of the ritual I follow.

I have a lot of hair conversations with a girlfriend of mine who has long natural afro hair. Her hair is gorgeous and she maintains it exceptionally well. She uses little heat because she is trying to grow her hair to waist length. I used to use the straighteners daily but now I work from home I use them once to twice a week. I decided to experiment with only using heat to dry my hair and no more straighteners! I thought I would copy my friend and we can have waist length hair together! I will blog later about my recent hair exploits!