About Me

I am Tiffany Jade. I am a wife and mother of two, Munchkin and Munchkinita. My girls are two little characters! They provide me with endless entertainment.

My husband works full time and I work full time from home, so daytime is challenging with running my business, doing housework and looking after the munchkins, as well as studying for a psychology degree. I’m sure when hubby returns to the bombsite we call home, he wants to check in to a hotel to get some peace and quiet!

I am a hardcore workaholic. I enjoy what I do and I am passionate about it. Ask me one question about my work or studies and I will give you hours of animated speech and stories, and you will probably wish you hadn’t asked!  I started an eBay store in November 2010.  I then moved on to Etsy and created my own website.

I adore my family. I strive to be a better wife and mother. I want my husband to enjoy married life and I want my children to grow up and say that they had a great childhood and love their parents.

My moto is not to take life too seriously. That does not mean that I am irresponsible, I just try to have a calm and relaxed approach to life. I try to look at the positive side of everything (although there are times that I lose it and have to pull myself together!).

The point of this blog? As much as some of my stories will sound crazy, I am a “normal” person – I just like to share my thoughts and stories in a colourful way! I feel that there are many people out there that can connect with me and my experiences. Whether you are single or in a relationship, a parent or not or looking to start a business or grow one, I know that you can relate to me. I hope that I can inspire people to always see a positive in their situation. I want to motivate and help others who find themselves in some of the difficult positions I have been in.

This blog is everything Tiffany Jades.


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