Much needed facial attention!

After getting drenched in the rain this morning I decided to pamper myself a little. Not sure how I managed to fit this in today with everything else but I made sure I did it!

Here’s a before and after:


Hair washed and conditioned and straightened. Mini facial and bit of makeup. Cos when you look good, you feel good!!


Jamaican Cat

I had been in the beautiful island of Jamaica for two nights. I went on a work trip and we changed hotels every couple of nights. It was mid morning and we had just arrived in a new hotel. I was told to leave my bags in reception for the porter, but being the not trusting person that I am, I decided to have a drink in the bar that overlooked reception and the beach so I could keep an eye on my bag.

After being laughed at by the bartender for asking for coolade in a five star restaurant, I sipped my Appleton slowly, enjoying the vitamin D absorption process. Out of the corner of my eye, I spy a cat sat comfortably in front of my suitcase. I did not want cat fur on my case so I walked over to the cat and politely asked it to move. “Can you move from in front of my suitcase please” I say. The cat looks at me and sucks it’s teeth (basically gives me attitude) and turns its head in the other direction. Oh no you didn’t. Now people are looking at me so I have to walk away leaving the cat in the same position.

Cat – 1, Me – 0

Later on that evening, I am walking towards my room with one of the hotel staff. The cat bops past me like HEYYY. I point at it and say “it’s that cat” but it carries on walking. I take a pebble and throw it to get it’s attention but I can’t throw well so the cat has to dodge the pebble which it does in true matrix fashion. It literally moved like Neo – no word of a lie! Then it ran off.

Cat – 2, Me – 0

I go to my room and get in my bed. After a minute or so I hear the sounds of a cockroach. That scuttle scuttle sound. I am scared so I decide I am going to run out of my room and knock on someone’s door to come and get rid of the cockroach. When I open my door I see…THE CAT…….

The Cat!!!

Cat – 3, Me – 0

Burnt pizza and six firemen

I used to manage a high street retail shop. One day while in the shop, I put a piece of pizza in the microwave to warm up for lunch. Now, when I put things in the microwave I normally just turn the dial without looking at the timer and just open the microwave door when I am ready. For some reason I can not let it go until the ping noise; I have to stop it prematurely. Anyhoo, I heard the girls in my office talking and I joined the conversation. Minutes…many minutes later… I hear PING. I scream because I completely forgot about my pizza and I knew I had turned the dial on the timer WAY too much.

I run into the staff room shouting “my pizza” and open the microwave door. Big puffs of yellow smoke jump in my face and open mouth (due to the screaming). I start coughing and the yellow smoke envelops the room. The girls run in after me and are like what the…. They open the back door to let the smoke out. Then start laughing at what I had done (heated up a piece of pizza on a bit of kitchen towel for 10-15mins). I was traumatised. The colour of that smoke. The size of my piece of pizza was now being compared to those green triangle chocolates you get out of a quality street tin. My slice of pizza was now a slice a black.

We all go out on the shop floor as it got busy with customers. After about ten minutes we hear sirens, which was not unusual for the town we worked in, so we briefly joked that it was for me and my burnt pizza. Next thing I know someone comes into the shop saying that the shop next door called the fire brigade as their fire alarm went off. As they did not know where the smoke was coming from, two fire engines and a police car were sent to the scene! I was so embarrassed and did not want to waste anyone’s time. I ran out and tried to stop the firemen from coming out to investigate. I was like “no, no, it was just my pizza!” However the firemen, ALL of them, say they have to come into the shop to look.

I was so embarrased. My staff already knew I could be dumb but all of my customers and people on the high street? And just to add fuel to the fire (excuse the pun) one of the firemen walks out the shop saying ” yeah my girlfriend can’t cook either”.

What I hate about being a mum

The part of motherhood that I really really really hate is worrying. I see these two gorgeous little human beings that completely rely on me. The decisions I make will shape and influence their lives. Sometime that feeling is completely overwhelming. 20130814-164757.jpg

When they were born I worried about holding them correctly. Am I supporting their head right? Will I hurt them when I pull their little arm to put it in a baby grow? Then it was breast feeding. Are they getting enough milk? Am I eating the right things to pass on enough good stuff to them?

The next worries were development milestones. This worry is so annoying because all children are different. They all develop at their own speed. However, you are given books and leaflets in hospital that give you rough guides as to when to expect them to do certain things. Then you have other people ask you if they’re sitting up, crawling or walking yet. We all do it. We ask those questions and we talk about what our own children are doing, especially if they did something “early”. But as a mum I find it worries me more when my baby hasn’t hit a milestone that everyone is asking me about. We all know children do things in their own time, but when you’re toddler is 14 months and everyday you’re being asked by different people if she is walking yet, it is just an added pressure and exasperates the worrying.

Next, nursery. Where do I send her? Will she fit in? Will she like it? Will she make friends.

Then school. Same as above but also will she be able to stand up for herself? Will she be bullied?

I also think long term. Will my munchkins grow up close? Will they be best friends or will sibling rivalry take over? What problems will arise with puberty? Will they let mummy join them when they go raving down Ministry of Sound?

I find myself thinking and over thinking. I know worrying doesn’t help but I find it hard not to.

As time has passed I am trying to get the right balance with all my worrying. I don’t want to hold my children back or surround them with negativity and anxiety. Yes I’m naturally an over thinker and worrier but I am trying to take these worries and use them to plan and prepare for the future in a positive way.

For example, my oldest is a bit timid. I am worried about her self confidence when she starts school so I have enrolled her into a performing arts school starting in September. To me it solves a few problems in one. It gives her an interest so every week she has something more than nursery to look forward to. It will give her confidence and independence. It will aid in developing her social skills and she may make good friends ( I am also hoping that she will become a highly paid actor/musician/dancer overnight and start earning her keep!).

I know the worrying will never end. Even when they are big grown girls!

School’s out for Summer

Aaargghh the munchkin is at home for the next six weeks! She does not really understand this and keeps asking when she will see Nubia (her nursery keyworker). I need to find activities for them to do over the holidays. Activities that are preferably free/cheap and easy to get to AND will fit in with my work – not asking for much!

So far we have organised swimming with auntie, a day trip to the beach with one of my besties and a play date with my school friends and their bambinos. I am trying to schedule in one exciting outing a week and then other play activities that we can do at home.

What are you doing that is exciting with your children over the holiday?