My gluten free pancake making journey in one collage picture…

Never again. 


School holidays are coming…😩

Today some of the mums asked me which club I was sending the munchkins to over the holidays. 😳 erm I was planning to entertain them and work at the same time….somehow. They were like who manages for seven weeks without summer clubs?! 

I’m now wondering what I’m letting myself in for! 

Back to Uni….well I never went in the first place :/

One reason I have not blogged for so long is that I started a psychology degree in 2014. I have always been interested in psychology but never really considered it as a career. A lot of friends and family think that my interest comes from my experience of autism with my daughter but that is only part of it.

I have always been interested in why people do the things that they do and also mental disorders. How does the brain work, what happens when things go wrong? I have a broad interest and found myself reading books and googling psychological topics so I thought I might as well do a degree, right?

I did not go to university after college. It was not the right thing for me at the time and I do not regret that decision. I had a successful career in the travel industry and did not need a degree (and student debt) to achieve it. Now is the perfect time for me to continue education and I am loving it. I can apply life experience to my studies and I am working towards a clear(ish) goal.

I am now half way through my degree, literally wishing summer was over so I can start studying again. I have already chosen the PhD and university that I want to move onto afterwards and I am so excited! However the graduation gown is not very pretty 😦 lol

Managing my new texture/s

I decided to try to manage the two textures of my hair as it grew. I knew it would be difficult but damn! I found it really hard. I already did braid outs etc. with one texture but with two, I just felt like it didn’t work. I lasted about 10 months and then I cut off the relaxed ends. That was September 2015.

I really liked my hair but I am so used to pulling my hair into a ponytail or bun, that the maintenance was too much. I was lazy and put it into plaits for a while.


I then played around with crotchet braids. It took too many days out of my life – I am soooo impatient. My hair was so big, I spent days looking for Harry Potter and dabbling in wizardry – yes it took days for me to realise that I am but a mere muggle

After a couple of months of braids I played around with twist outs. There were a few times they looked good but other times…. My “go to” tends to be two canerows.


I am still working out the best hair regime and products. At the moment I use a dark and lovely kids moisturiser and olive oil rich moisturiser. I use castor and coconut oil on occasion and recently bought shea butter. I generally do not stick to any one product as it just depends on how I am styling my hair.

My hair has grown a lot in the 18 months since I last relaxed, but my hair has always grown quickly as long as it is moisturised and regularly trimmed. I cannot wait for it to reach the length that I am used to. I really like my new texture, although I still like straight hair. I have pressed my hair a couple of times but it is too much work – cannot be bothered (as revealed in one of those facial expressions above)!!


No more relaxers

So it has been two years since I blogged about my hair. At that time I made a dumb mistake with my relaxer and was seriously annoyed with myself. I have relaxed my hair myself since I was a teenager. I am not keen on hairdressers and generally do everything to my hair myself. However, with relaxing I need to be in the right mood and having children around when you are using harsh chemicals is not ideal. I found myself rushing my relaxers just to get them done and I was not taking the care that I normally do. My hair was still healthy and manageable but I had different textures in places, which was annoying.

After the last rush relaxer I did in October 2014, I ended up ill because I did it late at night and stupidly slept on semi-damp hair! I decided not to do it anymore. I was fed up of waiting for a time that hubby was at home and no one would interrupt me and fed up of not being able to itch my scalp for a few days before. I hate rushing things and not doing them properly so no more relaxers!!


I love someone with autism 💙

Today is autism awareness day. A few years ago I knew a little bit about autism but like most things, you don’t become fully aware until it affects you or someone you love. I now feel like an expert and my daughter teaches me new things everyday.
People with autism are not all the same, they are not all Rainman. It is a spectrum disorder. Below are just some challenges that people with autism experience:


There are many things innate to the majority that a person with autism has to learn, such as social cues. These are things that we take for granted. I would not have been aware of this had my daughter not had autism. Watching her struggle is hard but as her advocate I hope I can raise some awareness so that when she is older there are more people that understand her and are willing to accept her and others with autism.