White Chocolate Cornflakes Cakes


The munchkin’s efforts from this morning. Now I’m about to get my head back into my desktop. Happy Friday everyone x


Sponge Flan Dessert


Mummy used to make this for us when we were little. It’s so simple and cheap to make so I made it for the munchkins this week.


Sponge flan
Tinned fruits

1. Make jelly and put in fridge. Do not let it fully set.

2. Drain juice off of the tinned fruits and cover sponge flan with the fruits.

3. Cover the fruits with the half set jelly and return to fridge until jelly is fully set.

Ready to serve! I love it with double cream.
Depending on who you are making it for, the sponge flan is beautiful when you pour brandy or sherry over it (lightly) before adding the fruits.


Foods you thought you couldn’t freeze – but can


I had to share this from the latest Asda magazine. I didn’t know you could freeze butter!

I’m a big fan of freezing food because I hate throwing food away and always buy good on a budget.

Also I find that buying one tomato is not enough but buying a pack of four might be too much. I’m rubbish at working out portions and meal planning, so freezing is great. And now I know I can freeze those odd one or two tomatoes!

BBC’s The Great British Budget Menu

I watched this show last night feeling quite excited about the recipes that were going to be shown. I often find myself trying to make budget meals. Food prices haveChicken Caesar Salad increased dramatically and pay has not. For me these increases have happened at a vulnerable time. They have happened when I had two maternity leaves back to back and started my businesses. Profits I have made have gone straight back into my businesses to grow them so it has been a struggle to say the least.

I thought this show would give me great ideas. The premise of the show was that three top chefs would go into three separate households, that were struggling financially, and try to cook a healthy meal for them on their budget but the chefs failed. They went over budget, proving that this is a very difficult thing to do especially if you are out of touch with living in a budget. These chefs made the choice to go over budget but the people they were cooking for do not have that option and so turn to junk food due to the low price and convenience. The only thing I learned from this show was that big piece of salmon cost around £11. Salmon is an expensive fish, why didn’t that chef buy cod?

While watching the show I saw that it was trending on Twitter. I saw a lot of tweets by A Girl called Jack. Being the private investigator that I am, I found that she has her own blog with recipes. Yay! I actually found what I wanted out of the show in her blog so I felt the need to share it with you. You can find her blog here. Now I am off to redo my online shopping basket using her recipes!

Have a great day everyone! Please use the comments to share any budget recipes you have or any other blogs with great recipes….