Freshly relaxed hair – yay


I love the feeling of freshly relaxed hair!

I relaxed my hair this morning as I trimmed it just over a week ago and my regrowth thickened and grew with a vengeance.

I have really neglected my hair over the last week or so. I wasn’t regularly moisturising it and being too lazy to wrap it at night. The result? It was dry and unruly. I looked like the woman with all the cats on The Simpsons. Ye, I hate that look.

So I decided to relax my hair and to stop neglecting it. Before I had kids, my hair was on point 95% of the time. Now it’s more like 5%!

Anyhoo, my last relax was 5-6 weeks ago. I try to stretch it out but really couldn’t deal with it this time round!

I relaxed using Optimum and used its reconstructor conditioner and leave in conditioner.

Now it’s time to go and wrap it!


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