Egg Shampoo

This morning was my first morning at home alone without the munchkins. They were both at nursery. I was free! I decided to do very little work and spend more time on me!

I watched the finale of Breaking Bad (will miss you Mr White, you’re a badman) and the Kardashians.

I also decided to wash my hair with an egg shampoo. Thought I would give it ago after reading this blog.

I followed everything Layonie described. I mixed the following in a mug:
3 x egg yolks
1 teaspoon of honey
2 teaspoons of olive oil

I applied to my already wet hair and worked through like any shampoo. I tried to leave on to condition my hair but the mixture just ran through my shower cap so I washed out and used Olive Oil deep conditioner. I left the conditioner on for an hour while I watched my programmes and cleaned up.

FYI – I had to crop my forehead out of this picture as I didn’t want to take up too much of anyone’s screen. I know it’s still big but I’m no magician.


I’m please I tried it and I will probably do it again. I’m trying to stretch out this relaxer so I will be trying new and different ways to manage my hair to see if it helps.

The blog I mentioned earlier is Layonie Jae. It’s a great blog filled with advice on hair and beauty. Check it out here


Foods you thought you couldn’t freeze – but can


I had to share this from the latest Asda magazine. I didn’t know you could freeze butter!

I’m a big fan of freezing food because I hate throwing food away and always buy good on a budget.

Also I find that buying one tomato is not enough but buying a pack of four might be too much. I’m rubbish at working out portions and meal planning, so freezing is great. And now I know I can freeze those odd one or two tomatoes!

Prestashop – my biggest mistake!

I know I am not technically minded but I pick things up easily and enjoy learning new things. Therefore, I have always worked on my websites myself. I am far from an expert but I have learned a lot.

I have changed the host of three times. I outgrew each of the hosts that I used. I found, with time, that each host did not offer certain functions that I wanted.

I decided to buy my own template using Prestashop. Prestashop recommended Blue Host for hosting.

I have found Prestashop far from “fast, efficient and easy to use”. From the start, I encountered problems. Initially it was installation of my template. I paid Prestashop to do this. I also paid it to change the colour of my template which took several attempts and chains of emails before it was completed correctly.

I ran updates that threw me back to square one, having to configure modules again. The dashboard is complicated and unfriendly. It is not “easy to use” and you are not provided with “everything you need to open, operate and maintain a successful online store”.

When I contacted Prestashop a few months ago for help I was ignored and then when I contacted them via twitter I was referred to price packages for support. Prestashop would not even look into the reality that my template was incorrectly installed, as advised by Blue Host. In fact after referring me to the price packages, Prestashop would not even respond.

After months of difficulty using Prestashop and wasting money, time and energy, I am at a point of cutting my losses. This has been the biggest business mistake I have ever made. I am spending more time looking at ways to fix and overcome issues rather than building, optimising and promoting the site.

Does anyone else have experience of using Prestashop? Any experiences of good hosts supporting lots of images and products?

Look through your drawers!!

Panties, knickers, briefs…..what ever you call them, have a read!

Tiffany Jades Lingerie

I am not ashamed to admit it. When I look in my drawers, there are panties that I have owned for many, many years. My bra drawer is even worst!

Why do we think we need new clothes whenever the season changes but we do not pay the same attention to our underwear? Over the years we put on/lose weight, bras become slacker and breast size also goes up and down. We NEED new underwear. On a regular basis, we should treat ourselves to new underwear just like we do with clothes. Winter is coming and I am sure a lot of you are considering a new winter coat!

At Tiffany Jades Lingerie we have offers to help you treat yourself to some new underwear: Tiffany Jades Lingerie - Precious Panties

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I am always striving for perfection and when I think about bringing up my children and being a good mother I always think of my mummy as my model.

This woman not only raised us alone, she sacrificed to ensure that we were well looked after and protected. This woman emanated love from her pores. As a child I always thought I loved her more than she loved me because I loved her so much. It is only when I grew up and had my own babies that I realised how wrong I got it.

We argued a lot when I was a teenager. I think as her firstborn she found it hard to let go of me. I remember one dumb argument when I told her I didn’t want to be like her and she told me that I wished I could be her and I thought ye whatever. I thought that was just so stupid, like you do. But now I wish I could be her as a mum.

She didn’t have much to give us financially but she gave us the world. Me and my siblings would not be the successful people that we are today without the foundations that she laid. I just want to do the same for my munchkins.

Where you can find my businesses

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If I ever say I’m busy and you do not believe me, please refer back to this blog! I run everything single handed, as well as the house and the munchkins.