If it’s cheap and keeps the kids entertained, I’m on it

So this morning I attended a speech and language group with the Munchkinita. After eating all of the unhealthy snacks and asking for more (like I don’t feed her), we moved onto a table activity.
This was our third morning of speech and language and normally the Munchkinita runs off after snack but she quickly came back to the table when she saw paint in a bag.
It sounds so simple and I’m annoyed I had never thought of it before. You put paint into a large self seal food/freezer bag and that is it.
You can then use it as a wipeable board. The child can draw circles, lines, numbers etc. The child could also just squish the paint. My girls love squishing and feeling things so this could keep them occupied for a bit without making mess.
I went home and recreated this. I need to go out and buy self seal food bags because all I have at the moment are the small ones that you tie. It works but not as great 😦
Anyhoo here is a pic of the bag after they squished it to death:




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