I am always striving for perfection and when I think about bringing up my children and being a good mother I always think of my mummy as my model.

This woman not only raised us alone, she sacrificed to ensure that we were well looked after and protected. This woman emanated love from her pores. As a child I always thought I loved her more than she loved me because I loved her so much. It is only when I grew up and had my own babies that I realised how wrong I got it.

We argued a lot when I was a teenager. I think as her firstborn she found it hard to let go of me. I remember one dumb argument when I told her I didn’t want to be like her and she told me that I wished I could be her and I thought ye whatever. I thought that was just so stupid, like you do. But now I wish I could be her as a mum.

She didn’t have much to give us financially but she gave us the world. Me and my siblings would not be the successful people that we are today without the foundations that she laid. I just want to do the same for my munchkins.


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