Burnt pizza and six firemen

I used to manage a high street retail shop. One day while in the shop, I put a piece of pizza in the microwave to warm up for lunch. Now, when I put things in the microwave I normally just turn the dial without looking at the timer and just open the microwave door when I am ready. For some reason I can not let it go until the ping noise; I have to stop it prematurely. Anyhoo, I heard the girls in my office talking and I joined the conversation. Minutes…many minutes later… I hear PING. I scream because I completely forgot about my pizza and I knew I had turned the dial on the timer WAY too much.

I run into the staff room shouting “my pizza” and open the microwave door. Big puffs of yellow smoke jump in my face and open mouth (due to the screaming). I start coughing and the yellow smoke envelops the room. The girls run in after me and are like what the…. They open the back door to let the smoke out. Then start laughing at what I had done (heated up a piece of pizza on a bit of kitchen towel for 10-15mins). I was traumatised. The colour of that smoke. The size of my piece of pizza was now being compared to those green triangle chocolates you get out of a quality street tin. My slice of pizza was now a slice a black.

We all go out on the shop floor as it got busy with customers. After about ten minutes we hear sirens, which was not unusual for the town we worked in, so we briefly joked that it was for me and my burnt pizza. Next thing I know someone comes into the shop saying that the shop next door called the fire brigade as their fire alarm went off. As they did not know where the smoke was coming from, two fire engines and a police car were sent to the scene! I was so embarrassed and did not want to waste anyone’s time. I ran out and tried to stop the firemen from coming out to investigate. I was like “no, no, it was just my pizza!” However the firemen, ALL of them, say they have to come into the shop to look.

I was so embarrased. My staff already knew I could be dumb but all of my customers and people on the high street? And just to add fuel to the fire (excuse the pun) one of the firemen walks out the shop saying ” yeah my girlfriend can’t cook either”.


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