Beads, Beads, Jewellery Beads

Just received some new beads for my eBay shop T. Jays. As usual they are absolutely gorgeous. I deal with gemstone beads so what I receive are natural, beautiful stones.Coloured Tiger Eye Beads

Every time I receive new beads I just want to create pieces of jewellery. I taught myself how to make Shamballa style bracelets last year and I started designing some like the few below that are available in my eBay shop:

Tiger Eye Shamballa Style BraceletBlue Mottel Effect Shamballa Style Bracelet

However as much as I enjoyed making them, it became too time consuming so I stopped designing and just stuck to these two popular designs.

I order in new beads every month. New gemstones, different shapes and sizes. It just makes me want to make necklaces, earring etc. But time is lacking and I can not add jewellery making to my belt just yet, as I have so many other things to juggle. It is very much in my mind though, every month when new beads come in, so I will probably get into it once the children start school!

Jewellery making beads available from T. Jays

Jewellery making beads available from T. Jays



To see all of the beads I sell check out my eBay shop here. All come with free UK delivery, no minimum spend and international shipping.


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