Where are you from?

I hate this question. Where are you from? Well I think I’m expected to answer with where my parents are from. Well I have only been to their islands on very few occasions. I do not feel that entitles me to say I am from there. It is not that I do not want to affiliate myself with their islands. I am proud of where my parents are from and that their islands form part of my heritage. I just do not want to pretend that I know about their islands the way they do, as if I was born and bred there. My mummy would have taken me to her island every year if she could have but you see how her bank account was set up……..

But not everyone expects me to answer with where my parents are from. Some people ask me as they do not “get” my accent. I have always thought that I sound like I am from London but Londoners tend to disagree.

I have lived over half of my life in London, few years in New York but the rest of the time in the Home Counties. I was schooled in all of these areas. I completely lost my American accent ( I think it was teased out of me). I guess my accent would be from the Home Counties but when you get to know me, I go between different accents and colloquialisms anyway.

So back to this question, where do you come from? Where DO I come from? If you ask my friends you get different answers. Friends from the places I have lived in will say I am from the town I lived in before. I call London home but most of my friends from London would say I am not from London.

Where I am from is not of much importance. Which is why the question annoys me. To me, what is important is who I am. I have been influenced by a mixture of everywhere I have lived and different cultures. I have grown up in a West Indian household while living in England. I completely embrace that. I live in a multi-cultural society and am influenced by many cultures. For this I actually feel blessed.


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