Extra income while at home

While on maternity leave I spent a lot of time looking into ways to make extra cash. I discovered that you could do online surveys and attend focus groups and get paid. I started by writing product reviews on Dooyoo . I enjoyed it for a while but I found that you had to do a lot of work to be financially rewarded. This might suit some people but it did not suit me.

So I moved on to online surveys. This suited me much more as you receive an email for the survey that tells you its length and how many points you will be rewarded. This way you can decide whether it was worth your while before beginning. Some sites rewarded better than others. I had signed up to so many and was being inundated with surveys. I decided to choose my favourite sites and stick to those. I choose Valued Opinions and My Survey . You are rewarded with points which then convert into vouchers. You can also choose to receive Paypal payments but these were sometimes charged and cost more points than an Amazon voucher.

As I started my businesses, I found less time for these surveys and moved on to focus groups. I joined a company called Code 3 Research. They send an email every time they have focus groups or interviews that suit my profile. Depending on the project you could earn £40-50 for an hour or two.

None of these are going to make you rich or even pay your bills but they help with a bit of extra income. I used to use my vouchers on Amazon to buy baby bottles, cups etc. All of those extra expenses that you incur from having babies! Now I save any vouchers that I get to go towards money off any large buys.

Every little helps….





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