Extreme Baking

I always promise these munchkins that we are going to bake. Our baking efforts of recent have ended in chaos, disaster and tears. We have followed recipes that have incorrect ingredient measurements. So irritating! The munchkinita does not want to mix, she just wants to eat. The munchkin does not get the concept of covering her mouth when she coughs and not picking her nose. So I have had to rethink how I do this.

As the munchkinita wants to eat all of the ingredients, she was left to entertain herself with her toys in the sitting room (luckily our sitting room and kitchen are open plan). The munchkin was allowed into the kitchen with very specific instructions, which she followed because she felt like a big girl being allowed in the kitchen (previously we baked in the sitting room).

I decided to stick to what I know – cakes! I don’t really measure when I bake or cook. I just used all of the stork that was left in the kitchen which was roughly 620g I then used 620g of caster sugar.

Stork and caster sugar

I mixed six eggs in a separate bowl with vanilla essence, cinnamon, almond essence and nutmeg. No measurements, just throwing in (sorry). Probably a tablespoon of each would be right. I then added roughly 400g of self raising flour. If I ever do use scales I normally make sure that the flour, sugar and butter measurements are the same but I added 400g of self raising flour and the consistency was right so I left it at that. I then threw in some rum for good health. I normally prefer brandy or sherry in my cakes but rum was all I had today.

To make it fun and interesting for the munchkin, we used different frozen fruit to make cupcakes.

Raspberry Blueberry

I separated mixture into a small bowl and mixed with fruit. The end result? We had blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and coconut cupcakes.We had roughly six of each variety. We had enough mixture to also make a big sponge cake! The munchkin

Cupcakeshad enough after a while and ran off to play with her sister but we had no coughing, sneezing or picking of noses and no tears from not being able to eat flour. We were successful!! And we also have loads of yummy cakes to devour 🙂



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