At home pampering

Nothing beats pampering yourself! I can not justify handing over money to people to pamper me (yes I’m cheap) so I do it myself. And I enjoy it! I do the following hair and beauty treatments myself at home:

  • Waxing
  • Eyebrow threading (you tube has brilliant tutorials!)
  • French manicured nails (you can purchase the tip guides on eBay from as little as 99p)At home pampering
  • Mini facial
  • Bubble bath
  • Relaxing, trimming and conditioning hair

It is very hard to find the time to fit all of these in but I think it is very important to have some “me” time, especially as a mummy. It is great if everyone can be out of my way so that I have no disruptions. I listen to my music and sing or if I am doing my nails I watch television. When having a bubble bath I like music and candles….and a glass of wine. I also love bubble baths with hubby as it is a great bonding time.

You can buy pampering products from most shops but I love Body Shop products and I like the range of products from Boots. I especially like these two retailers because of their 50% off and 3 for 2 deals. Can’t beat a bargain!


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