Choosing the right school

Primary SchoolThe munchkin will start primary school next September – time actually flies! As much as I really want her to be more independent in terms of feeding and cleaning herself , I do not want my baby to grow up! She is protected at home with me and at this age I can control a lot of what happens to her. She attends nursery a few days a week but she is mainly at home with me.

In the next couple months I will be able to apply for her primary school but I am faced with the tough decision of where to send her. I have not grown up in this area so I know nothing about the schools. I do not even know what schools there are to choose from and I need to list 5 (I think) in order of preference.

Education is very important to me. Which ever school we end up choosing, I know that education starts at home and will continue at home. The munchkin is learning to read and does basic arithmetic on her abacus. I also bought her a *cough* Kindle (I know, a 3 year old with her own tablet, the only tablet I have ever had is a Benedryl) to aid in her learning. I want to ensure that she has teachers that will push her to fulfill her potential like we do at home. The munchkin is bright and learns quickly and I know that she is capable of big things. Maybe every parent thinks the same of their child, I do not know, but a school with the right teachers is essential.

I have started to look at the local schools on the internet and I have come across websites such as Ofsted, Department for Education and review sites. There are so many statistics. I think results are important but then there are stats for how many children get a free lunch and how many have English as their second language. I am not sure if I am supposed to care about those stats. There are other stats that make me feel as though I am supposed to read them and judge the school based on what I perceive to be the class of the children attending. I do not want my child to hang around with the “wrong crowd” at school or be bullied but I am hoping that through myself and my husband’s parenting, she will make the right choices and be able to tell us if she is being bullied. I appreciate that is not always the way it goes but I do not think I should be choosing a school based on how many of the parents claim benefits or were not born in this country.

What do you think? What are the important factors in choosing the right school? How did you make your decision? I am still trying to make a decision and changing my opinion all the time so any comments would be helpful!


8 thoughts on “Choosing the right school

  1. Hello lovely xxx you’re keeping me entertained daily with your past and present exploits 🙂 You remind me of MIchael McIntyre, you make the day to day things that happen in everyone’s life sound halarious! Re: schools….. Read all the Ofsted and stats but you’ll get a real feel for a school once you go and have a look at your options. I didn’t know what I wanted from a school for Noah until I had a look around the local schools and saw with my own eyes what would work for Noah. We didn’t end up going for the one with the best Ofsted report – it was the one that had the right atmosphere where we felt Noah would thrive and not get lost in the crowd. Very scary decision, I know. It’s a decision that you feel will have such an impact on the rest of their lives xxx

    • Ha I hope I don’t look like Michael McIntyre or I would be a man lol! I will definately take your advice Claire. I think looking at those stats just feels so inhuman and that’s why I feel like I am judging children or families with no real basis. You know I fit into those statistics but I didn’t stop you learning at school, I even passed my 12+ and you guys shared my free chip and cheese lool Did you just call the school and then visit or did they have open days?

      • Haha, nothing beats chips and cheese! Some schools have open days, some don’t. Those that do, advertise on their website and also maybe on the local government website, ie: in my case, bucks county council. Otherwise, most schools are more than happy to make an individual appointment for parents to visit their school, which some parents prefer as they feel it provides opportunity for a more accurate representation of the school, as it is less ‘orchestrated’. I know Munchkin will be fabulous wherever she goes, after all, she is your daughter :)) xxx

      • Aww thanks Claire. She is very much like me in some ways. Hubby says she’s got my attitude. I just want her to have the best obviously and don’t want to make a wrong decision! When does Noah start, sept?

      • Yup, September. He had a welcome session at his new school this week, just for an hour, but got to spend time in his new classroom with his classmates and teacher. I also found the nursery teachers quite a good source of information about the local schools – they had fairly good knowledge and could give quite honest feedback xxx

      • Aww that’s so cute! I will ask her nursery as they are not joined to a school so will hopefully be honest. I’m going to call the school I think that I want to get an appointment! Thanks so much Hun xx

  2. Hang around the school gates after drop off and chat to some of the parents coming out, a nice cultural mix is always good and don’t underestimate the benefit of being able to walk the school run.
    I didn’t even visit the school my 4 have gone to, it was the closest to our house, had a good reputation and parents on the street spoke highly of it.

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