How I started My Own Business

After a couple of months of maternity leave I missed working. I missed trying to hit targets but I especially missed the four figures paid into my bank account on the last working day of every month.

Yes being a mummy was and is rewarding. I adored my baby and the one I just found out I was going to have, however, I wanted it all.

As money and space got tight in the house, I started selling things we no longer needed on eBay. It became addictive. I wanted to sell things I even needed just to see how much I would get for it. I found that people would buy anything. I even sold some used trainers. Then hubby made the suggestion to start selling on eBay as a business. I had heard talk about people making lots of money on eBay but I didn’t know how they did it.

I always wanted to start my own business, however, I was always scared of the risk. The risk of losing money invested and losing the security of a guaranteed salary at the end of the month. Maybe having two maternity leaves back to back would be the perfect opportunity for me to make something work. I had nothing to lose (except my sanity).

So I began my research. I looked into products and suppliers and what people were selling on eBay. I read blogs and watched tutorials. I had no idea what I was doing. I know how to make money and I can teach myself anything. I have run businesses for other companies but I have no experience with online sales. It is completely different to the high street or a call centre.

In November 2010, I became self employed and created T. Jays Trading. I had £30 for stock and sold wedding garters, hair accessories and cosmetics. I struggled. I had so many ideas but no funds to see them through. I was seven months pregnant and had a small baby so time and energy was very limited. However, I believed in what I was doing and knew I was going to keep going and make it work!

Baby number two came along and I continued to struggle but still believed in my business. I was making a very small profit every month but gave myself the target of making my old salary by the end of the year. To do this I knew I needed to sell different products, however, what do I sell? What can I sell that would increase my profit margins? Time is a serious issue when looking after two babies who are under one so I knew I would need a product that would give me a large margin so that I could make a decent profit with not so much effort. I spent months trying to answer these questions….in fact I still ask myself these questions.

Lingerie was a product that I started to sell. Now I am a sucker for pretty and sexy lingerie. Which girl isn’t? Yes, I love my PJs at certain times but I have always felt sweet wearing a little satin chemise or a pretty night dress with a bow – do not forget the bow! I was selling stockings, hold ups, control pants and bodies. However, I was not overly keen on the stock I had so I had no passion for this product and I am not comfortable selling what I do not like myself.

I kept looking for different lingerie suppliers and requesting catalogues. I had a pile of catalogues on the computer waiting for me to go through. One day, hubby was home from work and saw the catalogues. He loved a lot of the products and suggested that I make my own site. He started building the site straight away and I fell in love with the idea and the site. Tiffany Jades Lingerie was born! This was a product I could be overly passionate about. Beautiful, sexy lingerie PLUS exquisite bridalwear. Bridalwear that made me want to get married again.

My businesses are still going strong. I still struggle with the time issue but who doesn’t? I always want more. I have amazing ideas. As a consumer and with my past experience in retail and management, I know what consumers want and how to give it to them. I know I will continue to be successful in my business ventures and they will grow. That is why I have never given up and never will.

You can have a look at my business my clicking on their names on the header of this blog or following the links on the right hand side under “My businesses”.


4 thoughts on “How I started My Own Business

  1. Am new to the blogspere but I want to say; I love you. Now that’s out of the way, reading about you and looking through your businesses….its something I can relate with. Keep the positive outlook, post more. inspire more (am inspired). xoxo

      • Am yet to post, but I will soon…….I have being thinking of starting a business but laziness+lack of inspiration has delayed me, now I have no excuse. Will appreciate you checking out my blog once in a while. looking forward to seeing you

  2. I am following your blog so I will check you out once you start posting. It will be great to see what business you are going to start 🙂 I’m fairly new to this too!

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