Who are the Munchkin and Munchkinita?

Did you really name your children Munchkin and Munchkinita? No, I am not a crazy celebrity who wants to give their child an outlandish name. And, no they were not conceived in Munchkinland.

I like to keep my babies anonymous online hence their nicknames. It is my choice to write a public blog and have a Facebook and Twitter profile but the munchkins are not able to make that choice for now.

I do talk about them a lot on Facebook and Twitter. I share their funny stories and the occasional picture but I do not like to reveal things that I consider too personal about them. Most of my friends on Facebook and Twitter know their real names but I think that their nicknames are cute. However, I may need to change their nicknames when they are older as they will probably set up their own Facebook profile and create a page named “Our mother is beyond embarrasing now” and end up with more likes than me 😦


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