Pregnant Again!!

So I have started maternity leave. I am going the realisation stage of maternity leave not being what I had foreseen. However I am so happy. Happy with my new baby, happy to be home off work and happy with hubby. We seem to be going through our honeymoon period which we missed as I was pregnant and woeful. I am also embracing not being pregnant. This is great I don’t feel sick, I can lift up my foot, I can sleep on my tummy and I am not waddling.

But the best thing is…. I can drink alcohol! I want to make up for nine months dry by drinking every spirit under the sun but I remember the feelings of morning sickness and the similarities to being hungover, and more importantly that this little bundle of joy is relying on me alone to look after her every need during the day. I think I’ll stick to a glass of Disaronno and coke in the evenings when hubby returns!

After having a dumb dream, hubby suggests to me that I’m preggers again. Whatever! So I take the test to amuse myself and find out that I’m pregnant. Again?! The munchkin is only eight weeks old. I want another baby but never imagined it would happen so quickly. We were happy (well, first I had to get over the fact that I could not touch any of the unopened Disaronno we had just bought).

But then I went into my dumb pregnant, hormonal mode. I started feeling guilty and worrying about having another baby as it would take attention away from the munchkin. How would I be able to split my time equally between two babies? How can I help one learn to walk during the day when I am having sleepless nights feeding the other one? What are work going to say when I tell them I will be having two sets of maternity leave back to back? I had all these unnecessary questions in my head which were followed by the morning sickness…..

The morning sickness was even worse than the first time. It started when I was five weeks pregnant and went on until I was four months. I couldn’t take the smell of food and just bought up everything I ate. I lost a stone in weight this time round. But it was awful because this was a time when I should have been enjoying my new baby but instead I was hoping she would take her naps during the times that I had my head in a bucket. I couldn’t take her for walks because I could hardly stand up straight because of the dizziness and nausea.

Then came six months pregnant and the SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction). Again, worst this time round. I struggled to get the munchkin in and out of the car in her carry seat and upstairs to visit the midwife. On one trip to the midwife I was hardly looked at and she forgot to test my urine. She then more or less ignored my complaints of the back and leg pain so I decided that I would not go to my midwife check ups anymore and I would call them if I had any problems. The check ups were just causing me more pain and distress. The midwives made a lot of noise about my refusal to go in and would not come home to do my check ups. They eventually listened to what I was saying and realised I had SPD and needed to be referred for Physiotherapy. Well thanks a bunch for referring me the last time! Physio was great, it helped with the problems but I could not avoid doing the things the aggravated the pain as I had the munchkin to carry around and she was still very young.

Anyhoo, enough of my pregnancy woes, I gave birth to another beautiful girl, Munchkinita. Very straight forward birth, just like the first, and back to my normal self straight away (except for the hormones which have never gone away!).

People always ask if they are twins. When I say no, I am asked their ages and then I can see people’s brains working and I normally have to give the following answers to questions.

– YES, they are ten and a half months apart. They share the same age for five weeks a year.

– NO, they will not be in the same year at school.

– YES, I do know about birth control but I am paying for them, not you.

– NO, I do not have loads of kids. I just have two. Two in a very short period of time. I do not intend to do this again.

– YES, I am sure they are not twins.

-NO, I do not want any more children ever again in life.

I was blessed with two beautiful, lovely little girls and I feel so fortunate to be their mummy x


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